The 1 Thing Most People who Struggle with Burning Fat and Building Muscle ARE MISSING is Getting Truly Restful Deep Rejuvenating Sleep


Tap Into Your Body’s Natural Anti-Aging Fat Burning and Muscle Building Potential

Recover from workouts with the right diet, supplements and ESPECIALLY deep sleep


Learn the 8 all natural, no side-effect, supplements that can boost your natural muscle building potential


Optimize deep sleep cycles and wake up to a new and improved you!

The fitness “gurus” almost never talk about sleep…

  • When does digestion and nutrient absorption primarily happen?
  • When do you recover from your workouts?
  • When do muscles primarily grow?
  • When does your body balance hormones and recover from stress and anxiety?


In fact after all the research and self-experimentation I’ve done, I recently discovered that consistent deep sleep is the one thing I’ve been missing for nearly 25 years!

While doing some research I ran across John Barban’s story and what he described about himself sounded exactly like what I was going through. It’s just that John had already done something about it and was seeing the success I wanted.

Like John, I discovered that by taking a few readily available supplements and changing my daily routine a little, I was able to get the sleep I needed and unlock the potential already within me. I was able to tap into my body’s natural recovery (which is how muscles grow) and fat burning potential simply by focusing more on optimizing my deep sleep cycles.

Can this really work for you regardless of age, experience level or previous occupation? Listen to these 2 stories…

I already emailed you the exact list of supplements I take every day to dramatically improve my sleep, lower my stress, enhance muscle recovery, and even boost sex drive 🙂 I encourage you to do your research on these supplements and if you want to try them for yourself, try each of them for a few weeks and note how your body responds.

What you’ll find is that taking 8 different supplements each day can be a hassle. That’s were John Barban’s work and product comes in – he has combined these 8 supplements into ONE!

If you’re ready to experience the life changing benefits of getting quality deep sleep each day, click below to hear more of John’s story and how you can get started filling in this missing piece in your fitness journey